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Today, Fi combines years of experience in several different ways –

  1. As a Lifestyle Consultant. She designs tailor made wellness programs for people like you. This is through individual consults (including for kids), which remove any confusion and cut to the chase – outlining your personalised step by step process from here, designed to help you with your specific goals, including to:

  • Safely reach & maintain your ideal shape and weight (without dieting/starving yourself)
  • Increase your energy, naturally
  • Improve your digestion
  • Safely detox
  • Overcome allergies
  • Experience ‘life-balance’ for yourself

This is where Fi’s often called your ‘Health Detective’, by finding out specifically where the health imbalance is for you. Sometimes this may be by adding in key steps in the areas of exercise, digestion, hydration, nutrition, micro-nutrients and oxygenation of your body.

Sometimes it’s appropriate for her to refer out to a specific health practitioner for a manual specific treatment, like therapeutic massage, osteopathy, integrative medicine, physiotherapy or personal training.

The whole process is designed to help you experience more ‘life’ in your ‘lifestyle’.

  1. As your Millionaire Coach. This is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to the most effective way she’s found to create residual income.

With a background of running 5 of her own traditional businesses since 1992, she’s well-placed to know what works and what doesn’t.

With a track record of coaching many people to reach their financial goals since 2003, she’s now created The Millionare Academy

To discover more about your own pathway to creating the LifeStyle you love – click here.

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