My mission is to help you experience an energy-filled life,
so you too are present to the journey of self-discovery,
growth and balance. That’s our birthright!

How it all began

How it all began

It was the untimely death of my father that set me on the path that would ultimately lead to a life filled with more freedom than I could ever have imagined.

Growing up in England, I’d always been interested in the subject of health and went on to study osteopathy. I was at the end of my first year at osteopathic college when we heard the news that my dad had collapsed and died of a heart attack, aged just 50. It was such a shock to all of us as he’d apparently been really fit, with hardly any health issues.

This was my first inkling that while things can seem fine on the outside, they might not be so on the inside. My two sisters and I were subsequently tested for our general health, especially cardiovascular, and we discovered I’d inherited the same conditions as my father.

So, at the tender age of 21, I was given just three years to live, unless I took medication every day for the rest of my life. I felt dizzy and disorientated. I went back to college five days later to face some exams, feeling numb with fear about my health. I found that each time my mind thought about any future plans, it seemed to short-circuit and just draw a blank.

However, I’d been learning during my studies for the past year that our bodies have the potential to literally work miracles, including healing our cells and body systems. I was also learning that, while medicine saves lives, when it comes to chronic degenerative disease, it’s wise for us to look at a bigger-picture approach that includes several aspects of our lifestyle.

An experienced mentor made all the difference

At that point, as I began my health journey, I reached out and found a couple of mentors. One of them was a qualified medical doctor and medical herbalist and he had both personal experience of overcoming his own health challenges, as well as guiding many of his patients to do the same. He showed me a different way to look at my health and gave me the insight, education, and guidance to allow my body to identify and benefit from what she needed to function properly.

As I write, it’s now over 30 years on from that time that I was given my 3-years-to-live prognosis, and I’ve never taken that medication.

After qualifying as an osteopath in 1992, I emigrated from England to New Zealand and in 1993 I established three new multidisciplinary Health Centres in Auckland. I knuckled down and applied what I was learning about myself and my own health to help others, collaborating with local medical doctors and creating Integrative Health Programmes for our clients.

I’d been running one of my Integrated Health Centres for a few years, when I realised many of the people we were helping were keeping busy schedules, experiencing various health challenges – usually including low energy, plus a lack of life-balance. The thing was, I realised that these things were happening for me too.

I was at a crossroads. Either I keep working really hard to make money, or focus on maintaining my health.

And then it happened.

A knockdown – instead of a lockdown

I was out late one night wrapping up a business meeting after working all day, and heading home. A car came through a red light and drove right over me, my husband and our business coach as we were walking across a pedestrian crossing.
I was almost killed.

Unable to work for months, I had surgery, mounting bills, medical costs, no business and no income.
To say the post surgery rehab sessions were tremendously painful would be an understatement. It took every ounce of courage I could muster to face the daily torture as they pushed my reconstructed knee through scar tissue that felt more like bone on bone.

However I was determined to gain full movement and learn how to walk again, despite having been told that I may never have full range of movement in my knee. As much as there was physical pain, what probably affected me more was the deep sense of uncertainty and fear around my financial-health situation.

Financially vulnerable

I was financially vulnerable, like I had never been before. And I didn’t like it. I didn’t like it at all.

That fear is no doubt what drove me to adapt. I needed to learn how to work differently, to create a passive income. And I needed to create a situation where I had a financial firewall around myself so that if something major ever happened again, I’d be financially immune.

Now I’m the first to admit that I had some mis-starts and made some not-so-smart decisions however I never lost faith that I would find a way.

There is a solution out there for each of us and we just need to trust and keep our eyes and ears open because sometimes the trigger that can help to change our lives doesn’t always come with a big flashing neon sign saying, “hey, this is it!”

For you it might be stumbling on this website. For me it was a referral from my sister to look at a Nutritionals System I fell in love with. And an income model that made sense to me which is a pathway to financial independence.

Physical and financial immunity

So I put one brick on top of the other and began our financial firewall. So now if there’s a downturn in the economy, a GFC or a COVID-19-crisis, I have a sense of security in the strength of both my physical and financial immunity.

I’m now location-independent and am privileged to travel where I choose to year-round (or not! For example if there’s a pandemic, and I opt to stay-put in NZ for example…) I work online, helping my global clients with their health.

And for those who share my desire for more in life than a typical 9-5 scenario offers, we partner together to develop and improve their physical and financial health.

It was out of this whole ‘adventure’ that Project1M was born, with our mission to positively impact the lives of one million people. Plus we began our non-profit organisation, The 2Gether Foundation, where we provide budding New Zealand entrepreneurial women with micro finance business loans (who otherwise may not ever have the chance to start their dream enterprise.).

It’s time to add more value to your world than you’ve imagined by empowering you with the tools to improve your health and lifestyle.

Enough about me!…

…it’s time to learn about you.

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How Fi adds fun and adventure to her life

How Fi adds fun and adventure to her life

Fi raises funds and awareness to help others to help themselves…

From cycling the length of the UK for a local hospital in her late teens, to doing the same here in New Zealand. Only this time on a tandem bike with a blind cycling companion to raise funds for a local brand of a not-for-profit organization (Achilles International, NZ) – to swimming 100km to feed kids in need…

…to walking various ‘mad dogs and englishmen’ crazy distances in the UK with her faithful family-hound in tow. And in the last nearly-two decades, walking various non-stop 100km and 50km Oxfam Trailwalkers in NZ, to help build water-wells in Africa…

…to walking various ‘mad dogs and englishmen’ crazy distances in the UK with her faithful family-hound in tow. And in the last nearly-two decades, walking various non-stop 100km and 50km Oxfam Trailwalkers in NZ, to help build water-wells in Africa…

Fun Facts about Fi

Fi’s played leading classical guitar in a London orchestral performance for Prince Charles. He was smiling, so she thinks he enjoyed it!

…plus she featured in a NZ Documentary when she sang from the top of the 150 foot mast of a square rigged TallShip in Auckland Harbour on her wedding day

Fi’s a pilot – learning how to fly in New Zealand helped her fall in love with the country, and finally decide to make the big move from the UK

Fi loved hanging out with Dr Oz in NYC for an invite-only recording of his show

Fi sings – she experienced a full-on adrenaline experience as a backing singer on stage in the USA to a 2000-strong audience

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