Welcome to my fundraising page!

What’s this all about?

I’m about to challenge myself, along with my hiking buddy Chris Lindsay, by taking part in an epic day hike covering some of the most gnarly terrain in our area.

What’s the event?

We’ll be hiking several of the toughest legs on the Te Araroa walkway in a one day endurance event, covering nearly 25km. This may not sound like it’s far – although in many places it’s so steep you need to use a rope to scale the rocks and gullies.

And our route also means we’ll need to summit the highest peak in our area, called Mount Tamahunga, sitting just shy of 1500ft.


When are we stepping up to make a difference?

On 21st February 2022 we’ll be heading off before 7am and don’t expect we’ll reach our final destination until 11-12 hours later.

This will be a full-on, demanding, gruelling, yet fun experience!

Why are we bothering to do this?

When I was growing up, it really impacted me that my parents found many ways to be considerate of those less fortunate. And my determination to make a difference grew even more when I found myself working 100 hrs a week in the Integrated Health Centre that I ran with Chris (yes! another Chris – although this one is my husband), and I was frustrated that I didn’t have more resources available to make a difference for those in need.

This is where the seeds for what’s now ‘Project 1M’ began – namely ‘Project 1 Million’. With Chris – our vision is to positively impact the lives of 1 million people with improved physical and financial health.

One area we’re especially passionate about is helping those who are eager to learn and grow. This prompted us to found The 2Gether Foundation as a non-profit dedicated to providing budding New Zealand entrepreneurial women, who otherwise might not qualify, with micro-finance business loans. This is an evolving project and one we’re committed to with a long term focus.

We’ve found multiple ways to action this vision, and one of those is by taking part in fundraising events. And a favourite one is to get out in nature and take on a physically demanding experience.

Thank you for supporting me on this epic adventure! Simply CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW now to donate and make a difference to those in need.

If you’re looking for inspiration and are curious about some of the effective ways we’ve found to make a difference, check out this link