Reboot Your Body


Perhaps you’re realising that what you really notice is that you’ve been feeling tired? Ever feel sluggish, and rely on that coffee hit? Relate more to ‘washed out woman’, rather than Wonder Woman?

If this sounds like you, it may be time for a reboot.

Need more get-up-and-go? Joints feeling achy and stiff? Keen to reach your ideal shape with a healthy approach?

Prefer a no-meds option?

Start your own Reboot Your Body program today and experience your own journey to a revitalised, energised and happier you.


In your Reboot your Body Pack, you get all of these things

  • 7 Secrets to Maximising your Energy - by Applying the Seven Universal Laws of Success. You receive your own audio program with Fi and Dr Denis Waitley (world renowned speaker, writer, consultant, inductee of the International Speakers' Hall of Fame, a founding member of the National Council for Self-Esteem and former chairman of psychology for the U.S. Olympic Committee's Sports Medicine Council and best-selling author of multiple publications – valued @ $48
  • Delicious eating… naturally - in this ebook Fi shares cost effective, nutrient-dense options for you and your family that actually taste good. This resource is ideal for you if you need to be mindful of allergies, are working to a time and money budget - and you need to keep it interesting! – valued @ $38
  • Body-Reboot Smoothie kit – including all-time favourites - The Power Boost and Bali-Dream Smoothiesvalued @ $28
  • What’s really in our food? A succinct video series uncovering foods that reduce inflammation, give us lasting energy, and much more. – valued @ $18
  • Join Fi as your expert personal guide in action with this comprehensive video series looking at Fitness & Flexibility; whether it’s for after Yoga asanas during fasting or post workout power stretches, we’ve got you covered – valued @ $48
  • Reboot your Body Nutritionals Pack, 1 month supply - Core Micronutrients plus Advanced Omegas (pharmaceutical grade, quality guaranteed, rigorous third party testing, certified mercury-free) – valued @ $106.71

Your Reboot your Body Pack is VALUED AT: $286.71. OUR OFFERING: $169 OR $69 without the Nutritionals.

A great big huge thank you Fi, for helping me to keep on pushing forwards and make significant progress with my health goals.

Over the 12 weeks of us working together, I’ve noticed a massive improvement from when I started, including experiencing an increase in my energy, plus a 50-100% improvement with all 16 of my symptoms.

I used to drink 10+ coffees a day – now I mostly drink herbal teas, plus I lost the craving to smoke.

This is a marked improvement from when I started and there’s one big thing that really stands out for me, that actually contributed to me being able to keep going, was the positive mind set I was able to maintain. This is largely due to your very gentle yet firm guidance. I’m so grateful.’

– Rozanne Hesler, Commercial and Administration Manager, UK