Back in 2014 when Chris and I finally decided to go for it and pursue our dream-travel lifestyle, we took the plunge and started traveling year-round. During one of these recent years, we ended up visiting 22 different countries.

We totally relished exploring and opening the doorway to this lifestyle we’d craved for so long.

And we had an unexpected gift that came with this adventure-experience. Namely the lesson of reassessing our needs in terms of energy, personal needs and space, so that we could strike our unique balance.

That’s why it’s been so valuable for us is to get clear about our values. 1

Otherwise, we’ve found can end up chasing our tails and face planting. The risk of this happening seems to disappear when we let our values lead the way.

Life can become lot more enjoyable too. What’s more precious than that?!

So, with each year’s planning, we keep re-evaluating – even once the flights and accommodation are booked. Sometimes we find we’ve squeezed in too much and it’s our nudge to tune-in on our current lifestyle balance point-needs.

Our values are like the lenses in our sunglasses – keeping things in clear focus.

Here are some questions we ask ourselves as we’re getting back on track; they may be handy for you too –

Are you living your life in a way that keeps your values front and centre? And, if not, what’s a simple, easy place you can start?

If you’d like to explore this concept more – I’ll see you on this week’s #AliveWithFi

Ciao for now ☺

1 Getting clear on our values is imperative: “If you are unhappy with parts of your life—if you are suffering from stress, illnesses, and feel generally uneasy in the living of everyday life—then it might be time to go inside yourself and answer honestly the questions ‘What is important to me?’ and ‘How do I want to live my life?’ You need to spend time identifying your values; it’s well worth the effort.” Once we know our values, we can choose the path that keeps us most in alignment; and the bonus is we can avoid the face-plants. “Live by Your Values and Everything Else will Fall into Place” C. Hodgson (n.d.)

Fi Jamieson-Folland D.O., I.N.H.C., is The LifeStyle Aligner. She’s an experienced practitioner since 1992 in Europe, Asia and New Zealand as a qualified Osteopath, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, speaker, educator, writer, certified raw vegan gluten-free chef, and Health Brand Ambassador.

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