Want to know once of the most delish breakfasts there is? Fresh coconuts delivered to our home office paradise…in fact here are the remnants!


So what has me choose coconut, and lots of it? And by coconut, I mean the fresh, succulent flesh; creamy oil; smooth, silky water; and chewy, dehyrated segments. And what about some thoughts around that the saturated fats it contains maybe risky for our health?

Good question. It’s basically because of the enormous amounts of info supporting the myriad of health benefits of consuming high-quality coconut products. And the fact that the volumes of practical research supporting these theories are growing all the time.

Reported health benefits range from anti-viral/bacterial/ and fungal and fat-burning properties, to enhancing the function of and protection of our brains, all the way to helping our skin and hair function.

Check it out for yourself tho. This useful source is a handy place to begin – http://coconutoil.com/peer_reviewed/

And let me know if you’d like THE BEST fresh-coconut recipe ever, True Bliss Healthy Icecream! Email me at fi@fifijamiesonfolland.com with ‘Icecream’ in the title, and it’s yours!