So ~ it turns out I love carrots! I always have done. Not so much the cooked ones (especially not the soggy or bitter or cold cooked ones!) – more so the juicy, fresh, organic, crunchy, yellowy/orange ones that you can break easily and that are no-fuss, quick-rinse, no-need-to-peel ones!

And from what I saw when I popped into Seeds Of Life Cafe in Ubud, for a burrito – it’s a good thing too that I love them!


You see I was diagnosed with myopia, or short-sightedness when I was 17yrs old. I was prescribed glasses and told I’d need to wear them forever, just like my dad had been told when he was the same age.

At the time, I was in Oxford and studying very hard, taking 3 A levels in one year whilst working full time. So, I weighed up my options as I saw them. I didn’t like the thought of the small muscles in my eyes getting dependant on the lenses in the glasses to be able to work properly. So I researched and got busy with my own plan.

I started doing the exercises I found, to help the tiny muscles in my eyes, I made sure I was eating lots of raw, organic carrots (or peeling them if they weren’t organic!) and supplementing with the right antioxidants and minerals to both protect and nutrient my eyes.


I’m often asked what these specific goodies to nutrient and protect our eyes actually are – so if you’d like to find out, just email me direct at with your question, I’d love to help J

So have I ever used those prescription glasses?

Mmmm, you’ve probably guessed it. Nope!

Take away – add in a few extra raw carrot snacks to your routine each week. After all, prevention is more powerful than cure!