Food Stylin’: Can eating healthy really make a difference?

Imagine my surprise when I learned from my health mentor that the 3 keys to turn my health around included changes to my diet. Even though I trusted my mentor, a medical doctor and herbalist and my lecturer in medicine at Osteopathic College, I simply couldn’t believe what I was hearing!

Actually, ‘surprise’ isn’t really the word to use. Shock and dismay are a better fit.

You see I’d been hooked on my food staples for almost two decades by the time I met my mentor. The idea of not having them for a day or two, let alone removing them from my life, was horrible.

I was torn!

However I was torn between the cravings of lifetime food habits and my enormous motivation to be healthier.

With dad having died a few weeks beforehand, I really didn’t want to take the drugs I’d been prescribed. That is, apparently if I wanted to be alive in three years’ time.

So when I spoke with my mentor, and he assured me he would guide me step by step through adjusting my lifestyle, I decided I would go for it.

Really, I felt I had nothing to lose….


Food Stylin’ – CONTD

We can fix ourselves

Even though I had only just completed by first year, I’d already begun to learn that our bodies can effectively fix themselves, within reason, of course! And when we provide the right ingredients for optimal health.

I made the decision to experiment on myself, and take the steps to get myself as well as I could. And give myself the best possible chance to be healthy, lifelong.

It sounds pretty straight forward doesn’t it? – have great support from a qualified professional, take the recommended steps, and hey presto! Sorted!

Not quite.

I struggled with the dietary changes. I resented the way I was ‘going without’. And I lurched between ‘poor me’ and then guilty remorse for my resentment on being the only one in the family to inherit the super high bad-cholesterol levels and slight heart murmur from dad.


I felt left out. I didn’t feel part of things in the same way, and all the while attempting to come to terms with dad having gone so suddenly. It didn’t add up – he was my ROCK who was going to live forever.

Driven by fear

However, I wanted to live and this desire was stronger than my will to take that next bite of something that didn’t nurture my body.

So gradually, slowly but surely, I made progress. Part of this process for me was realizing the point was progress, rather than feeling I had to get things perfect, right out of the gate.

After two years of ‘grazing my knees’ and riding a massive learning curve, I started to get traction. I started to notice a difference.


I wasn’t missing the extra kg’s I’d lost, the foods I’d taken out of my daily routine, the fuzzy heads, migraines, occasional asthma, joints pains and heavy, painful periods.


In fact I wouldn’t choose to go back to my old routines for anything in the world.

So if I can now feel healthier than I was at 21, then I’m certain that others can too. So now it’s time to give back.

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