What if? What if today, you listen to your body when you’re experiencing tiredness, or you’re feeling like you’ve had enough?
What if instead of ‘soldiering on’ or getting a bit grumpy about it all, you simply step out of the routine for a couple of minutes to pause, find your feet and remember to breathe?
My swim in the pool today was different. Not just because I practically had a lane all to myself (which is always fabulous!)
It was actually because I paused before I took my breath in and pushed off from the side, and I made a decision. Instead of pushing my way through the water and feeling its resistance, I imagined myself gliding along with it. Hearing the words effortless ease in my mind, and allowing this to flow through the rest of my body.
Imaging myself gliding down a water slide – where I glide along on the frictionless surface, rather than needing to work at it with grunt and stamina.
Have you ever had this feeling? I’d love to hear if you have – www.facebook.com/convertibelle
Take away – invest a minute now, to decide how your day will be – ‘soldiering on’ or ‘going with the flow’?

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