We hear “anti-aging” a lot…

…although it doesn’t make sense! 

It’s like saying we’re never going to die. Sure, our bodies are vital and dynamic, although aging is inevitable. It’s a part of life!

Christine, who’s a retired nurse and massage practitioner, has a grounded perspective on this.  She came to one of my workshops, and afterward she gave some feedback about what stood out to her. 

Some of the concepts that we discussed at the workshop that made an impact on her include:

  • benefiting from a high quality Nutritionals Protocol, including the right vitamins, minerals and enzymes
  • regularly completing specific exercises tuned to her needs
  • having regular, restful sleep
  • not putting up with pain

This last one is a big one.

Our overall well-being is dramatically impacted when we’re putting up with discomfort, and it doesn’t always have to be that way. Often, there are changes we can make that can really help improve problems we might have resigned ourselves to. 

So, please do share because if you or someone you know is putting up with pain and wants to find a different way forward, message me for a no-obligation chat.

It could be life-changing! 1

Meanwhile, check out Christine’s feedback here

And until I see you for this week’s #AliveWithFi, keep sharing your sunshine 🙂

1Aging naturally doesn’t mean accepting ongoing pain. Unfortunately, many people “never seek help because they just get used to the pain. Or they assume that pain is inevitable, like gray hairs, and don’t bother taking any action. But you should never settle for chronic pain.”

There’s always something that can be done. Do message me if you’re stuck and you’d prefer not to be!

Chronic Pain: Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It (webmd.com)

“Chronic Pain: Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It”

M. Griffin, (2007)

Fi Jamieson-Folland D.O., I.N.H.C., is The LifeStyle Aligner. She’s an experienced practitioner since 1992 in Europe, Asia and New Zealand as a qualified Osteopath, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, speaker, educator, writer, certified raw vegan gluten-free chef, and Health Brand Ambassador.
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