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Power Pep-Up – for a quick protein shot

By popular demand!


Why? For a perfect post-work out, winter-warmer-shot! Ideal for those days you need something satisfying, although not too ‘heavy’ on your system – with plenty of flavor! And one you can have warm, and fast post-workout.


When? Warmed post work-out, or as a protein-snack. Handy as a family weekend drink. Remember to heat your milk slowly and not to boiling point (some high quality blenders will actually warm to low temperatures whilst blending – see note below). Please note – high heat can alter the availability of the proteins, fats, vitamins and phytochemicals in your ingredients.


Ingredients – makes enough for a big mug (350ml)

A big cup (350ml) of Neat Nut Milk* (sunflower seed milk is a great one for this recipe as it has a good protein content – see below)

1 pinch of each of the following powders – nutmeg, cardamom, turmeric and ginger (to taste)

½-1 tbsp honey or coconut sugar (to taste)

Cinnamon to sprinkle to complete your masterpiece!


What to do

Combine all the ingredients in a blender, which will help to thicken your mixture. If you’re using a ‘Vitamix’ blender, you can simply keep on blending to heat your choc milk to 41 degrees celsius (or 105 degrees fahrenheit).

Or, you can transfer to a pan on the stove to gently heat – although do be super-careful! Best to use a ‘candy’ thermometer, and remove from the heat at about 35 degrees – as it will keep heating after the heat source is removed.


*Neat Nut Milk – Sunflower seeds

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3-4 cups (300-500ml) filtered water

1 cups sunflower seeds, pre-soaked in filtered water overnight, drained just before use

2 organic medjool dates, stones removed, pre-soaked in filtered water overnight

Place the sunflower seeds in the blender with half of the filtered water. Blend for several minutes until smooth, then add the medjool dates plus their soaking-water. Gradually add more water to create a thicker or thinner milk, according to your preference.

For a sweeter milk, slowly add in 1-2 tsp honey whilst the blender is going. An optional extra is 1/3 tsp vanilla extract.



Top tips for your perfect Neat Nut Milk

  • You can sprinkle your Nutolicious Milk with raw cacao, cacao nibs, carob powder, bee pollen or dehydrated coconut pieces (which are all available from most good health food shops.)
  • Your Neat Nut Milk is super-versatile. You can make it with a base of whichever nut or seed you prefer – from brazils to sunflower or pumpkin seeds. Our favourites are hazelnut and almond milks.
  • Drink it as a low GI snack (low glycaemic-index – so the energy is slow-release), or after a workout.
  • Include organic where possible. If that’s not possible, use extra soaking time if you can, and rinse well.
  • When blending solids and more dense ingredients, blend on a high speed for longer than you think is necessary, to ensure smooth results.


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Fi Jamieson-Folland D.O, is an Executive Lifestyle Consultant, with over 20 years experience in Europe, Asia and New Zealand as a qualified osteopath, certified raw, vegan, gluten-free chef, educator, writer and health mentor. She lives in Auckland with her husband Chris, relishing an outdoor lifestyle and time with family and friends.