As I write, I’m at the easternmost point of New Zealand’s South Island.

What’s magical is that this is where the dolphins, whales, seals, sea lions, and even penguins love to hang out.  Like me, they’re drawn to the rawness and diverse ecosystems along the coast.

It’s a stunning location for reflection, and this week, our topic is the body beautiful; meaning optimal wellness inside and out.  In particular, we’re zooming in on the importance of our food (macronutrition) and Nutritionals (micronutrition) to harness our cells’ ability to thrive.

The cells in our bodies need to receive the right proteins, fats, carbs, fiber, plus the micronutrients to fill in the vital-gaps. Many of the degenerative diseases today (over 80 in fact, such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes) are linked to those gaps1.

What if there’s a way of living that helps us achieve and sustain a healthy, balanced system? – That doesn’t just have us look our best; we actually feel well from the inside out?

I was amped to hear recently from a lady I’ve been working with for just two months, who’s thrilled that she’s already experienced a 3kg weight loss (in just 5 days) and increase in her energy (being ready-to-go at 5am when she wakes for work!).

She’s seeing first-hand the way that balanced nutrition, of the goodies we know we need to eat, supported by the micronutrients most of us lack even in a ‘healthy diet’, are both key to our bodies being able to release excess fat, cleanse and detox. And it’s these steps that allow us to reach our ideal shape and enjoy optimal wellness.

What’s so refreshing is that reaching this balance doesn’t have to be super-complex; it’s simply extraordinary what our bodies can do when we give them the right building-blocks.

So, when it comes to feeling your best and firing on all cylinders – what would you like to know next? Always good to hear from you!

 ¹ In a study performed by the American Dietetic Association, it was found that “food alone in all 20 subjects did not meet the minimal Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA) micronutrient requirements for preventing nutrient-deficiency diseases.” See “Food Alone May Not Provide Sufficient Micronutrients for Preventing Deficiency” by Bill Misner, retrieved from


Fi Jamieson-Folland D.O, is a Lifestyle Consultant, with over 26 years experience in Europe, Asia and New Zealand as a qualified osteopath, educator, writer, certified raw vegan gluten-free chef, speaker, health mentor, LifeStyle and Health Ambassador. She’s a Global Citizen, regularly visiting her fav spots – including NZ, Bali, France, Canada, USA and The Bahamas with her husband Chris, relishing an outdoor lifestyle and time with family and friends.