This week we’re all about productivity. Plus I have a motivation-hack to share with you.

It’s the mighty carrot and stick.

One of my mentors once told me about the power of rewarding myself at the end of the week or once I reached a goal1 and also of having something at stake.

So achieving the goal is the ‘carrot’; and having something at stake if I don’t quite make it (the consequence) is the ‘stick’.

The combination of the carrot and the stick have been super-effective for me and for many people that I’ve coached.

The reason is because true motivation for productivity needs to come from the inside rather than the outside. What’s external doesn’t always stick, although internal motivators draw on what makes us tick. When we figure out what really drives us helps us, we tap into our internal dynamo.

What really drives us might be something that moves us away from it or it might be something that moves us toward it.

I’m curious to hear what motivates you? Can you relate to the leverage we can create on ourselves by using a carrot and stick?

It’s always good to connect with you… I’ll see you on #FiFridayLive when we’ll dive in deeper on motivation-mojo.

1In “How to Reward Yourself,” Emma Johnson discusses the importance of finding “ways to recognize and celebrate your progress”. Explaining that rewards that are counterproductive to the goal (such as rewarding oneself with a decadent dessert after dieting) might disrupt progress, Johnson gives an overview of healthy tactics for identifying reward methods.

Fi Jamieson-Folland D.O., I.N.H.C., is The LifeStyle Aligner, with over 27 years experience in Europe, Asia and New Zealand as a qualified Osteopath, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, educator, writer, certified raw vegan gluten-free chef, speaker, health mentor and Health Brand Ambassador.








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