I’ve literally just finished a skype call with one of my clients.

And I’ve had an epiphany.

So here’s the thing.

What’s the reason we’re missing it? Failing ourselves?

You may be like my client – someone who knows better.

Who’s educated, savvy, and understands how her body works.

Yet here she is – discouraged and annoyed with herself that she’s been making crappy choices with her Health LifeStyle. Not exercising, or scheduling time for her, eating too much un-nourishing food, consistently getting to bed too late, and missing her yoga class.

So I asked her the question – what does your body REALLY need?

As she was speaking, she realized something so key that it touched her really deeply – on a fundamental level.

She got that she needs to honor herself more – to love herself first before she has any inclination to care in other areas of her life, including with her family and friends.

So, my question for you is – when you truly honor yourself more, and you ask yourself the question ‘what do I REALLY need?’ – what do you hear?

Perhaps it’s making sure you drink enough water today, rather than bolting down the coffees;

Or enjoying low glycaemic index meal options regularly through the day, rather than getting to 5pm and feeling like you can eat a horse…so you reach for the chips and the glass of wine (or 2);


Or budgeting for a therapeutic massage each 2 weeks, rather than fobbing yourself off with excuses that you can’t afford it;

Or having your system checked by an expert osteopath periodically – rather than putting it in the too-hard, ‘luxury basket’;

Or an energy-packed green smoothee breakfast with natural probiotics the night before – so that it actually tastes irresistible! Rather than legitimising that you don’t have the time in the mornings.


Whatever it is – you’ll know what it is for you.

It was powerful and humbling to witness my client begin to create her own clarity. And the reality is that it takes courage to be really honest with ourselves. The clincher is however, that until we do ask ourselves these questions honestly – nothing will actually change.

So if you’re wondering what the reason is that you continue to put weight on, struggle with your energy or experience chronic health issues…is it possible that it could be because you’ve lost touch with who you really are, and what you really want?