In fact, it can even be the trigger to unlock our motivation. And here’s how…

For quite some months now, I’ve been working with a lovely lady called Emma.  When we initially began working together, she told me about pain she’d been experiencing in her abdomen.  She’d consulted many medical practitioners, although she felt no further ahead as no specific cause had been identified.  And whilst there is a place for medication, Emma was ready to carefully consider Aligning her LifeStyle from a 3D, more integrated perspective1.

We assessed her situation, including her macro-nutrition (the foods she was eating), and also her micro-nutrition levels. Sometimes we forget about the importance of the enzymes, minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals that our bodies need to be able to work at their best.

We looked at the best exercises to suit her body’s needs, including for her breathing. And we considered the best ways for her to be creating her own Mindfreeness time.

Emma realized that she’d previously come across pieces of information here and there, although it was an empowering process to bring all the puzzle-pieces together. And here’s the kicker – once she understood the relevance and the specific reasons behind the various steps she was now taking with her Alignment Program, her new-found clarity was highly motivating for her.

She consistently applied the keys she was learning, and began to reap the rewards with noticeable results.

And this is true for many of us. When we actually understand the potential benefits, we’re more inclined to take the steps that will reap the rewards. Is this something you’ve found for yourself too?

I’ll see you on this week’s #AliveWithFi for more on motivation-pepping.

Keep spreading your sunshine ?


1 Perhaps this is the reason that Sharon Gorman said in ‘Why We Must Look at the Bigger Picture’, – “to be an excellent health care provider, we must be willing and able to do this. To change our perspective back and forth between intimately focused to seeing the bigger picture. To stop, maybe even pause, and make sure we have not missed the forest for the trees. To appreciate how big and complex our patients are, thereby giving their complexities the attention they deserve. And to give ourselves the challenge in looking at all that they are” (

Fi Jamieson-Folland D.O, is The LifeStyle Aligner, with over 28 years experience in Europe, Asia and New Zealand as a qualified osteopath, educator, writer, certified raw vegan gluten-free chef, speaker, health mentor and Health Brand Ambassador. She loves to globe-trot with her husband Chris (NZ, Australia, USA, UK + Europe and Indonesia are current favourites) relishing an outdoor lifestyle and time with family and friends.