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Whenever we set a goal – it’s vital we also consciously choose the attitude and behavior we’ll need to get us there. This is the reason I created the ‘TAKE ACTION 2-step’ because the only reason we don’t get what we want with our health (and in any area of our lives), is because of the gap between our goal and actually taking the first step towards it. And then doing this again and again.

The ‘TAKE ACTION 2-step’ is what we need to do when we don’t feel like exercising, or searching out the low GI (glycaemic index) meal option on our lunch break.

So what is it?…It’s simpler than you think!


First step – SAY YES, and second step – take action!…be that making your fresh lemon juice drink, or pausing for 3 minutes so you can do your breathing exercise.

Something magical happens in this moment that you do your 2-step…you come face to face with the part of you that moves mountains, and fuels your ‘YES’ muscle. The part of you that’s taking you from where you are right now – to where you chose and deserve to be.

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It’s right here, in this 2-step moment that the rubber meets the road, and it all changes.

Jim Rohn puts it so well when he says ‘either you run the day, or the day runs you!’

So today, who’s running the show for you?

Take Away – a specific ‘TAKE ACTION 2-step’ for you, first thing each morning. This is the MOST crucial time to cut to the chase and make sure you’re on track with your Healthy LifeStyles-goal.

How you set yourself up for the day will make or break your results.

Step 1. Say the word YES!

Step 2. Squeeze half a fresh lemon into a glass, add a pinch of *cayenne pepper – and top up to half a glass with filtered water.

*Why cayenne? The research shows us it’s high in vitamin C – to help many of our body systems including our immune system, plus it’s packed with enzymes – for efficient digestion. I’ve found it helps to curb appetite and can help us burn our calories more efficiently too.

With the alkalising and vitamin-packed properties of lemon juice, it’s a power-house – in fact, I never miss!


I’m AMPED whenever I hear how you’re going! So if you’re certain you want to reach your health goal – then send me an email at fi@fijamiesonfolland.com with ‘Discovery session’ in the title. This is your complimentary 30min consult to find out what you need to do next to reach your goal.

These sessions are like hen’s teeth! – so make sure you mention you’ve read this blog and we’ll do our best to schedule a time with you 🙂