Of course we all know we need to drink water – although it can feel easier said than done when it’s cold outside, and we’re drawn to comfort food rather than the idea of swigging back lots of water.

And given being dehydrated isn’t always so obvious – with ‘hidden’ signs ranging from tummy upsets, tiredness, lack of focus, dizziness and headaches, to catching lots of colds, and even hunger. These can be easily missed when we’re running to a full schedule.

And then there’s the challenge that many drinks can actually end up dehydrating us!! Some salty and sugary drinks (and even foods; many touted as being healthy, and specifically rehydrating option) can rob our bodies of water.

So the best guide, is for adults to drink 1.5-2 litres a day (5 year olds approx 5-6 cups a day, and for 11 year olds approx 7-8 cups of water a day). Plus when we exercise, or are in an air conditioned environment, we lose more water, faster.


Take Aways – Measuring out our water at the start of the day, so that we know the amount we need to drink is simple, although it works. Just as is popping a reminder in the phone – it doesn’t need to be technical – simple is effective!

Warming the water, and adding fresh lemon juice is a refreshing winter-warmer, and makes for variety.

And for kids – finding a way to help them understand how drinking water is something important to do, all day, really pays off. So does making it fun! Like helping them picture how our bodies are made of 60%+ water, in each of our cells.

Trial a fridge sticker-chart, with a reward gold sticker at the end of the week, once each day’s water is finished.

And what’s not in the water is important too. Even some of the basic water filters available, will really help to reduce the chemicals like chlorine that are added to the main water supply (unless of course you have tank water.)

I was getting headaches after moving to a house near Auckland city, and I couldn’t figure out the reason. As soon as we fitted a water filter, my headaches went away…



Fi head & shdrs blueFi Jamieson-Folland D.O, is a Lifestyle Consultant, with over 20 years experience in Europe, Asia and New Zealand as a qualified osteopath, educator, writer, certified raw vegan gluten-free chef, speaker and health mentor. She lives in NZ and Indonesia with her husband Chris, relishing an outdoor lifestyle and time with family and friends.