Ever found yourself relying on ‘hope’ as a strategy for reaching your goals? I certainly have.

A classic one was when I was studying for my A levels in the UK (a few moons ago now) and I’d left it all WAY too late. My 3 weeks of finals were filled with lurching high’s and low’s as went from patches of coffee over-load, to snatching a few hours of sleep. I gambled that the mammoth study sessions would somehow hard wire the 5 years of course material into my brain.

Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t an effective strategy to create Grade A’s – although I learned a lot. I really got an insight into what makes me – actually what makes many of us – do what we do. And into what it takes to nail goals that we set for ourselves. Yes, we’re all wired slightly differently when it comes to specific preferences etc – although when we understand our fundamental human, it really helps us to help ourselves.

OK, so fast forward to the local beach this afternoon. With the sun beaming at me through the window, the gorgeous blue skies, the light breeze, and the view of the sea from my office window – I’m sold!

Midway through project or not – I need a swim!

So, I’m standing at water’s edge, I’m all ready to relish the silky water on my skin, and that divine feeling of being weightless – suspended in the water. And 3 minutes later and I’m still standing there – wincing at the cool water lapping at my legs.


I watch a girl next to me grinning from ear to ear as she frolics around, and I say to myself ‘just get in, Fi!’

Mmmm, still no action.

It doesn’t seem to help me, to keep asking myself ‘what’s up Fi, how come you’re not just getting in?’ instead of doing what I know I really want to do, I’m standing there feeling daft and knowing I’m missing out.

Then the girl swimming next to me says ‘just get it over & done with, start 2015 with a bang – dive in!’

And so that’s it. That’s the trigger.

And so I shout ‘happy new yr!’, and I dive in!

This gap – between where we are, and where we want to be, is small. Do you know what I mean though, when I say it can feel like it’s cavernous?


Well, this is the key. When we find a way to bridge this gap – then we can have anything and everything that we want in our lives.

And this is the reason I put together the new audio. It’s your way of getting more of what you DO want in your life. And I promised I’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready to go.

In the meantime, here’s a game for you to play – it’ll take you about 30 seconds. Think of something you’ve been meaning to get around to doing. Now – put off putting it off – and just go and do ONE thing that moves it closer.

Procrastinate your procrastination!

No matter how teeny that one thing is, go ahead and do it – now is your moment!